Seva Detroit

Price Range: $$$
Parking: Street parking, a sort of mud lot nearby/parking garages nearby
Menu: Vegetarian/Vegan
Bar: Full bar
Food Sourced: Local/Organic when able
Environmentally Sustainable:
Composts, recycles, all the good stuff
Outdoor Seating: Big sunshinin’ patio out there
Hours: 11 – 9 Mon through Thurs, 11-11 Fri/Sat, Brunch Sunday 12-4

The moon does not emit its own light.

It steals that shit from the sun!

Which is two things:



There you have it. The moon.

Tonight at midnight, only half of that thieving moon is stealing the sun’s light and letting it pour down on our sweet little bodies. It will be a first quarter moon.

Yes, half of the moon glows with its stolen light on a quarter moon. If you did not know that it’s alllright. You just need to brush up on your astronomy, you dodo bird.

I called you a dodo bird because the dodo bird did not know how much light showed from the sun on any given phase, just like you. And now the dodo bird is extinct. I’m not sayin’ one necessarily begot the other, but in our infinite realm, anything is possible.

Best to err on the safe side. Brush up on yr moon phases.

The first quarter phase repeats once every 29.531 days.

This is known as one synodic month.

And, like our light-pilfering friend the moon, there’s something us Veghedz like to do once every synodic month too. And that is to eat at Seva, after a sweet sweet
moonlight bath.

Seva is B-I-G big and airy and natural light bright (super nice and dim-dim and lowkey in the nighttime) and the evening sun was beamin’ in through all the windows and it felt good to us sitting down just there just then. How many can it sit? Probably around a hundred I’d say just from a quick eyeball of the two dining rooms.

Two dining rooms?

Two dining rooms.

One seems like evening zone, more low lit, bar in the back, low tables, etc. and the other is like a lunchtime zone with booths and large tables and wide bright windows.


We ordered a pitcher of crisp early evening beer and the dang thang was half off b/c it was Wednesday and that’s what happens on Wednesdays there and as luck would have it, there we were — thirsty and about to be satiated.

We all blabbed for a minute like friends like to blab and then placed our order: (just making a quick jot here that almost everything on this menu is vegan or can be made vegan, and they use Violife chez instead of the usual Daiya which is an a+ tummy touch) (not that I’m bashin’ on Daiya which I still find to be highly crushable) (arright that’s it for this parenthetical crapola for now)

Taco Salad
They sub nacho crema for sour cream and Chihuahua to veganify it —  it’s got that crunch-snap-crunch going. Super supa fresh and clean and mild tasting, really easy to share, and went so well with our light fizzy beer and sun in the windows. Makin me drool dreaming back on it. We added some vinegary hot sauce to it for that astringent and peppery little kiss it wanted.

Mushroom French Dip sub vegan chez to veganify —
is SAVORY bay-baby-bay-bay. Gotta be a huge shroom fan for this one, which I am and so the two of us meeting went very well, that sandwich and I. Bread just a leeeeetle bit dry so it can suck up that au-jus and do the french dip thing.

Ordered the sweet potato fries for the side which came with a house made BBQ sauce that was changing all of the BBQ related thought patterns and constructs in my mind — reshaping, remolding, and then rebuilding them again. NewBBQ thought bridges were built.

Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo
Naturally vegan — was really nice overall. Blurred the lines of a heavy and a light meal. The noodles are nice and dense and cooked really good-bite al-dente, like if I threw one of those bad boys at a wall, it’d stick there and become eventual noodle wall art. In time, it would draft an artist statement for itself and then hang it up nearby and nobody would read it because they would say to themselves “I’m not reading that slip of paper, man, the art and therefore the noodle must speak for itself.” I read someplace that that whole ‘throw a noodle against the wall thing’ is really a load of dog shit by the way. Anyhoo, the right veggies are there and those giant rosemary sprigs were nice, but the sauce could use juuust a little oomph — a little richness or astringency? I don’t know I’m an alright cook and noplace near a chef, but I would recommend a little sriracha, or lemon juice, or maybe even some ACV on the side to add
to it.


Tempeh Reuben– sub vegan chez to veganify —
Dang buds, this is just what you want when you order a tempeh Reuben. So much so that it leaves me not knowing what I gotta say about it, so I’ll say this; If I had a bigger mouth I would let a talented basketball player just slam dunk this thing in there. Or an alley-oop or a layup or something. Just no fundamentals using the backboard and shit. Because my face is the backboard in this scenario and that sounds like a more hellish experience. It’d have to be all net. It is a really good Reuben.

That’s it for the food.

After a good blab, sat around a good dinner, sat around a good pitcher of beer we were feelin’ like a bunch of tired and nourished children of the first quarter moon. Many thanks to Seva. We’ll see ya’s again in about another synodic month from now.

If you can’t remember when that is that’s fine, I’ll tell you.

It’s 29.531 days from now.

Ya dodo birds.




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