Detroit Vegan Soul

(Non brunch menu and more photos will be posted in the next couple of days)

Price Range: $$
Parking: Small lot on the West, street parking on the East
Menu: Full Vegan
Bar: N/A bevs only
Food Sourced: Local/Organic when able
Environmentally Sustainable:
Recycling and composting initiatives
Outdoor Seating: A little bit out front when it’s cozy outside
DVS East: T-Sat 12pm – 8pm
DVS West: T-Sat 12pm – 8pm, Sun 11am – 3pm (brunch and dinner platter only)

Do you know who invented veganism?

I do.

That’s an easy one.

It was Gwyneth Paltrow.

What a discovery!

Wanna know how I know this?

Because she said so.

I could post the link here but I won’t. You’re already on the internet. You can look it up if you want.

So that’s that.

Many thanks Gwyn!

From what I understand she’s also invented Yoga.

Nice one.

Another plus.

Inventing things is easy as it turns out. You just establish celebrity or some sort of following, adopt the ideas of another, and pass that idea or those ideas along to your followers; preferably with some kind of price tag. Might as well get rich. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

And there you have it.



I’ve got to take a break here and tell you something.

Our girl Gwyn did not invent veganism. Not yoga either.

Had I duped you? If so I apologize.

Do you know how to say “I am sorry” in Japanese?



That’s how it’s written in hiragana.

It sounds like this; gomen na sai.

You can stuff that little piece of info in yr back pocket for later.

Tell someone you’re sorry in Japanese the next time an “i’m sorry” is warranted.

Just see if they’re still mad at you after that.

Confused or surprised are much more likely the emotions that they’ve moved on to.


Of course Gwyn didn’t invent veganism or yoga.

That’s pretty clear if you know anything at all about yoga, veganism, Gwyneth Paltrow, or time.

Gwyn would’ve had to have been around for a long long time by now for her to have invented these things.

But she has not been around for a long long time.

She has been around since 1972.

Let me put that in a frame of reference.

Pong came out in 1972 on Atari.


And although Pong seems really really really fuggin’ old now, it doesn’t have quite that same vintage feeling as the ancient practice of yoga.

But that’s neither here nor there really. It is not important.

What is important is asking the question; what would it matter if she had invented those things?


It seems like the basic tenets of an idea or practice which began and was developed through the careful thoughts of many minds over a whole lot of time are being misunderstood if your first inclination is to try and claim ownership over that idea or practice. Especially if you’re doing that and loading up your wallet at the same time.

The special shame in all of this is that we need influencers to spread positive ideas. After all, people are listening to them for whatever reason, and so it’s a positive thing when influencers are able to influence their influencees to support progress. But what we don’t need is those very same people to corrupt and poison the special vitality of those ideas that they are spreading in the first place through monetization and the bizarre egoful desire to own an idea or a practice that belongs to everyone. That’s taking one step forward, and then two back. And we all know where that old dance gets us. Fuggin back a ways.


There, I’ll drop the subject for now.

These were just the things that I was thinking about this morning as us VegHedz got ready to go munch some of

our favorite food at Detroit Vegan Soul, and I figured I’d share those thoughts with you.

Full disclosure here before I continue.

I work at Detroit Vegan Soul.

I love that place and the food and the mission and everybody who works there.

Some people might think that writing about the place that I work on this site would be a conflict of interest, and they might be right if it were my interest to sell you anything or claim to be completely objective about everything. But I’m not trying to sell you a dang thing, and there are no claims to objectivity here.

You’ll have to take my word for it.

And you should take my word for it.

After all, I am the great mind responsible for the invention of soul food in the first place.


I also invented incense sticks, AM radio, samosas, the blueberry bagel, and jazz.

You’re welcome.

Anyway, off to Detroit Vegan Soul!


For drinks we had the root juice (Sundays only) and an Oreo milkshake (special menu item!)

And for food we split the catfish tofu & grits and the southern fried tofu & waffle.

Normally right now I’d talk a little about the flavors of everything and what we like most about them, but I’m not gonna do that this time.

I don’t think that it’s a conflict of interest to share with y’all a post about Detroit Vegan Soul, even though I work there. But it might start teetering on that line if I go on raving about the food.

So I’ll just say this.

So I’ll just say this.
There is a reason that you can’t have a conversation about vegan food in detroit without Detroit Vegan Soul being at the forefront. You can’t even talk about soul food in Detroit really without talking about Detroit Vegan Soul.

The food is delicious, the mission is important, and the people involved are a straight up family.

You’ll just have to go and try the flavors for yrself.

And they’re such good flavors too.

Take it from me.
I invented taste buds….
and magic crystals….
and weed.

Yr welcome again.

xoxo my frands



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