Donut Bar + Coffee

Yesterday was a nasty day.

We had to take our dog to the vet

That was a bummer.

It was chilly and raining.

That was sort of a bummer too.

It was a nasty day.

No bones about it.

The vet we go to is in Southfield, so we were in Southfield. And we were in need of a little cheering up because of all of those bummer.

So we went to the Donut Bar and grabbed a couple donuts.

Donut Bar always has a couple vegan donuts.

This is wonderful.

We got the Raspberry Delight.

And the Coconut Rum.

They were wonderful.

But you don’t have to go to Donut Bar on a nasty day,
you know.

You can go on a nice day too.


Today we had to go back to Southfield, back to the vet

But today the sun was shining on all the highways.

And we got very good news at the vet.

And so our dog is feelin’ better.

These are not bummers.

These are unbummers.

So, since we were back in Southfield, we went back to Donut Bar.

We got the Coconut Rum again and the Maple Walnut
this time.

They were unbummers too!

So on yr next bad day or on yr next good day, check out Donut Bar. They’ve got what you need for whatever day
yr having.


Get a grip



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