Adventures in Dallas

V-Eats Modern

Ello there! You lot are used to hearing from J, but on this day I am writing to you. I am S, by the way. I should start by telling you that I travel for work quite often, and thus I often find myself in airports and different, often random cities. While I am there I like to explore and wander. Yep, wanderer by nature. Checking out new vegan spots in far away locations is one of my favorite things.

Most recently, I was carried off to Dallas. I am ashamed to admit that I was not expecting much in the way of vegan delights from this city, but I will let you in on a tasty little secret. Lean in close and I will share it with you. Dallas…. is a secret vegan haven! A quick search lead to too many options for this little VegHed to choose from and after an embarrasing amount of time of too much deliberation (I am very indecisive by nature), I decided to check out a place close to my hotel. A place called V-Eats Modern.

After a pleasant walk over a bridge from the hotel I was suddenly surrounded by a magical looking marketplace brimming with restaurants and bars. This magical place was called Trinity Groves and tucked away in a corner on the side was V-Eats.

The first thing to note was an outdoor patio that had doors propped open to the inside to enjoy the warm air of the Texas evening. The place itself is small and yet it felt very open. As for me, after a long winter, I could not resist the allure of enjoying the weather outside.

First things first. A drink was absolutely necessary. V-Eats was fully prepared with a full selection of cocktails and drinks. I opted for my usual favorite, a nice cool tumbler of whiskey. YUUUUUMMM.

With the first order of business addressed, I was now ready to quiet the persistent grumble in my stomach which only grew more insistent as I read through the menu options.

Every item on the menu sounded absolutely mouth watering-ly good; being both extensive and chock full of a sort of pure Texas southern comfort food/Americana type grub. So, being the ever indecisive bean that I am I took a tip from the server that the Chicken-Fried Steak was the way to go. It came out silly fast. Like, hadn’t hardly touched my drink fast. Which for me is a first.

Let me start by saying that I will be dreaming of this meal for weeks. The “Steak” itself was an impossible patty that they had flash-fried and then smothered with a thick, savory mushroom gravy. I couldnt imagine a more suitable topping. The Impossible steak was like none I have ever had since or before. Describing it will not do it justice but for your sake, I will certainly try. It was a light crispy flavorful on the outside and yet a soft on the inside dream that had me trying to calculate how I could recreate such a thing on my own since there is no way I can return here every week.

This glorious bit came heaped with fresh steamed veggies and a saucer full of mac n’ cheese that was out-of-this-world-good. I am ashamed to say, dear readers, that, under the guise of not being able to store leftovers, I left not a crumb. Even with a belly so full, I was tempted by there deeee-licious looking desserts in the way of bread pudding and such but, alas, this little VegHed was just too full. I left with a smile for a cool evening walk home, eager to plan a future trip to a city that had already pleasantly
surprised me.


Blue Mesa // Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

International Airport

It was the very next morning that it was already time to make the trekk home and after an unusually fast jaunt through customs, I found myself cruising through the airport with a rather large amount of time to kill. What is a little S to do with too much time to kill and nothing to do?

Well, let me just say that I found myself in the mood for a little something to sippppp, and after a brief search I discovered Blue Mesa; located in terminal E. Blue Mesa is a taco/tequileria which worked out well because I have a soft spot for both of those things.

Being vegan at a taco joint can tend to pose a pretty massive challenge in the way of often having to omit so many ingredients that I am left with beans and a tortilla shell. And that’s if I’m lucky enough to find a place that doesn’t add lard to their beans. This was not the case at Blue Mesa. Although you might have to omit the cheese and sour cream or make some substitutions to some of their dishes, their black bean tacos come out vegan all on their own and they loaded with plenty of veggies to fill you right up. I also peeped that they have a vegan spinach and mushroom enchilada listed right on the menu! Pow!

Nice one, Blue Mesa.

The black bean taco was filled to the brim, er shell, with super flavorful smokey black beans, peppers, and tomatoes, and they had several hot sauce options in order to up the ante too!

There is certainly no want for options here. If you are in the mood for some crunchables, they have chips and guac or salsa. They charge for them, but that is pretty standard for an airport eatery. Other burritos and tacos on the menu can be made vegan as well with a simple modification of no cheese or sour cream, and fajitas are also offered with a sub of black bean on the menu if you’re in the fajita zone.

After a very enjoyable experience, I finished my drink and jetted off to catch the plane, certain to remember this little spot on my next journey through the DFW airport

On the Airplane

*Side note here: if you are a Delta flyer, Biscoff cookies are available on EVERY flight and they are one of my absolute favorite traveler treats. That’s right, if you weren’t already aware of this tasty little tidbit: Biscoff cookies are absolutely vegan and sooo crushable. I highly recommend you nabbing yourself some on your next flight.

Okieee well I guess that’s all for now, Catch you guys on my next adventure!



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