Michigo Pizza – CLOSED

Closed October 2019 😦

Price Range: $$
Parking: metered street parking
Menu: omni/vegan options
Food Sourced: local/organic when able
Environmentally Sustainable:
No styrofoam
Hours: M = cl, T-Th = 11am-9pm, Fri/Sat = 11am-10pm, Sun = 12pm – 7pm
Website: https://www.michigopizza.com/

Hallo there.

You may have noticed something that we have noticed.

When yr out walking or biking or driving or skipping or dancing or segueing you can see all the other people out, coming and going from their houses or apartments.

And, when you get down to the brass tacks of it, whatever those are, you can break all of those coming and going people down into two types of people really;

Those with pizza and those without.

When I’m out walking or biking or driving or skipping or dancing or segueing and I see those with pizza, my heart fills with satisfaction for them.

They’ve always got a lightness to their steps and ocean-wide smiles on their faces as they jog up to their front door in the evening holding that hot steaming cardboard that is particular to that group of people that are with za.

For a moment while I watch them I live through their entire evenings with them. Turn on their favorite lamps at home, get a crisp bev out of the fridge, strip to barefoot or switch to slippers, maybe lose the pants, and tuck into a bad movie or a good one, maybe a quick toke if they’re friendly to it… It’s a nice little evening we spend together in that moment.

Well this evening was the evening for a VegHedz Quick Grips; Michigo Pizza edition.

And so this evening those people were us.

Lucky us.

So I didn’t have to imagine the evening.

We got to do all of that schtuff.

And soon it’ll be your turn.

Lucky you.



*We ordered a lot by the way.

**All in the name of research tho. Y’know?

***Not just because it sounded great

****Heavens no child, heavens no.

*****It was for research

******We’re researchers.

*******Noble researchers.


We had the 12” flat pizza with black olives, onion, and pineapple, the personal sized deep dish pizza with spinach, black olives, and banana peppers, AND we split a grinder with artichokes, green olives, and fresh tomato.

*Just about any of the items can be made vegan by subbing daiya chz, by the way, including their cheezy garlic bread appetizer which we only didn’t get because it was near the end of the night and they only had enough dough to make the other items.

Their dough is perfect. And so is their gently sweet red sauce.

What more do you need from a pizza place?

Nothing, that’s what.

It was all so dang good.

At MiChigo you can’t miss.


Go with za,



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