Greenspace Cafe

Price Range: $$$
Parking: Metered Street Parking
Menu: Full Vegan
Food Sourced: Local/Organic when able
Environmentally Sustainable:
Green Initiative
Outdoor Seating:
Open patio in front, covered patio in the back
Hours: M-Th = 11am-9pm, Fri = 11am-10:30pm, Sat = 11am-10:30pm, Sun = 10am-3pm
Brunch Hours: Sat = 11am-3pm, Sun = 10am-3pm

Hallo frands,

I was thinking about something this morning.

This is the case most mornings — I’m thinking about things.

It is unfortunate.

Thinking about things, that is.

Be it morning time, work time, jog time, noontime, evening time, bathtime, snooze time, and so on — always thinking
of things.

Sometimes it’d be nice to turn that little function off.

A little peace and quiet.

But no go.

The on-switch is hardwired, and in some amount of time will cause the strange and useless machine that is my mind to fizzle and burn out.

It’ll happen to all of us strange machines one day.


Lucky us!


This morning I was thinking about cheese.

Well, more broadly, I was thinking about dairy.

But either way my thoughts were in the realm of cheese.

The cheese realm. *definite title to a very bad or very good prog rock album

Cheese is a funny thing.

Dairy as a whole is a funny thing, really.

Funny things.


Haw haw haw.

You see, the people that eat cheese don’t just like cheese.

They love cheese.

In fact, there are many many compassionate and thoughtful people out there that cite cheese as the only reason why they would be unable to transition to a plant-based diet.

Their love of cheese.

They’re cheese lovers.

Well, the funky thing about that love is that it is an unrequited one.

Or maybe it’s less of an unrequited love than it is an abusive relationship.

One side does all the loving, while the other gets shat upon.

And you know what our societal advice typically is to people in those relationships?

Run muthafugga! Don’t look back!

And when I say that someone in this relationship gets shat upon, I don’t mean cheese.

I mean the eaters of cheese.

Here’s why!

Cheese is the highest source of saturated fat in the American diet, which is already relatively very high in saturated fat.

Some of the things you can look forward too from a diet rich in saturated fat are all the usual suspects and fan favorites; weight gain, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

There are also mammalian hormones found in cheese (and dairy products as a whole), which create higher estrogen and lower testosterone counts in the blood of consumers, along with the added heightened risk of cancer.


Exciting prospects!

There are, of course, the catastrophic ethical and ecological consequences as well. But there are so many of those darned things, I don’t have the time for them here.

Another day!

And, last for now; being that it’s packed full of casomorphins, cheese can even be considered to be an addictive product.

You see.

The cheese don’t luv you babay.

It’s something that I had to accept too.

So I had to run from that muthafugga.

And even though it was tough for a minute,
that all went away.

And before long there were even some new
prospects in town.



You know…

Vegan cheeses!


Now there are a bunch of great plant-based cheezes; some of the OG’s that’ve been around for a while like Follow Your Heart, Daiya, and Field Roast cheezes, and new ones popping up at grocery stores all the time like Violife and
Kite Hill.

But, though they’re real nice, I’m not here today to talk about those cheeses.

Today the VegHedz are headed to Greenspace to have some of the best vegan cheeses we’ve ever tasted; indiscernible from the real deal.

and all without the life-threatening and
inhumane consequences!

A definite bonus if yr into that kind of thing.


We’re gonna have more than just the chz, by the way.

That was just to bring my ramble full circle for ya.


On the inside Greenspace is big and airy and roomy and breezy w wood trim, hanging and potted big leafy plants, rock salt lamps and so on, and it’s both dim and light at the same time if that makes any sense to yr noggin like it does to my noggin.

It actually looks like it’s a room from an Anthropology catalog spread if yr familiar w/ that catalog and that makes sense to yr noggin like it makes sense to my
noggin. But in a good way. They’ve got some nice shyt
in that catalog.

If you don’t know that catalog, then I’m sorry that my reference has failed you.

I’ve failed you.

The shame is intense.

Oh wait…

Now the shame’s passing away a little.

Clearing up…

Drifting further….

All gone!

Now I don’t mind at all if my reference has failed you.

That’s just how it looks inside to me. Take it or leave it.

One more thing of note about the interior is that, toward the back half of the restaurant, the tables and all of the seating are very high and, as a tall person, I found that wildly enjoyable. S is not a tall person and she liked it too, so fret-not small fries; it’s nice for everybody. You can sit at the table and let yr feet dangle in an imagined pond if you want. Alternatively, you can rest them on one of the bars that’re down there. Up to you. W/e floats yr crazy little boat.



For drinks, we just chilled in the water and coffee zone. It was a good zone. There is a full bar though w an especially nice wine selection, so if yr in that zone your zone will
be accommodated.

The Farmer’s Board. Dang. This thing is great. It’s our favorite thing here. Greenspace’s in-house vegan chezes are so stinkin’ good it’s wild. They’re all soft, spreadable chezes and are served alongside roasted garlic, pickled red onions, mushrooms, green olives, stone ground mustard, fresh berries, and toasted bread for which to do yr spreading upon. Sounds like the flavors of the cheezes change up from time to time, but today we had the deep, but somehow gently sweet garam masala chez, the gouda-like smoked paprika chez (our fav), and the rich and nice and lightly bitter cumin and thyme.

If you’ve missed cheese at all since you’ve been plant-based or are thinking of switching and are worried that there are no good alternatives, you gotta try this shyt.

Breakfast Sandwich Plate. Sprouted grain bun, fresh spinach and tomato, herb mayo, Just veg egg, house made herbed delicious and light almost fluffy veg sausage. There’s nowhere to go wrong there. And it did not go wrong. It went right. Then it went right into our droolin’ mouths. We added the chao chez, being in that chez zone, and this was not a mistake. It was a success. A delicious success. The best kind. Served w home fries that we banged down w some leftover stone ground mustard from the
farmer’s board.

Well frands…

That did it for our Greenspace experience, and it was a doozy.

The really good kind of doozy.

I don’t know if there are bad doozy’s, but i thought the distinction was important.

I think a bad doozy is called a humdinger, and so is outside of the doozy family.

But that’s here nor there for now.

I just didn’t want to mix yr doozy’s up.

I wouldn’t do that to you.

Munch on sisters and brothers,




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