Dos Locos Tacos

Price Range: $
Parking: metered street parking
Menu: omni/vegan options
Food Sourced: TBD
Environmentally Sustainable:
Compostable Boxes
Hours: Sun-M = cl, T-Th = 3pm-12am, Fri/Sat = 3pm-4am!!

Helloa Frands


I wanted to learn something about tacos, and so I looked up their etymology.

That’s the study of the origin of words, you ding-bat.

Maybe you already knew that, but I’m standing by calling you a ding-bat anyway.

But don’t fret.

Everybody’s a ding-bat and there are two kinds:

Those that know that they’re a ding-bat, and
those that don’t.

Simple as that.

Anyway, before all this ding-bat schtuff I was telling you about the etymology of the taco.

Well, it turns out that we don’t really know for sure.
But what we do know is that across different dialects of Spanish it can mean a wedge, a wad, a plug; a billiard cue;  a blowpipe; a ramrod; a short, stocky person; or a short, thick piece of wood.

Who’da thunk it?

It must have been very confusing to order a taco in those long-gone times.

You could get a soft and hot tortilla w yr favorite goodies packed in there or you could just as easily get a ramrod, or a short stocky person for that matter.

That would undoubtedly be a bummer.

Not because there’s anything the matter w a good ramrod or a short stocky person.

They’re just not what you ordered.

Luckily that is not the case anymore.


Us modern humanz have got that all sorted out.

Well, we sorted out the taco sitch anyway.

And that’s extra lucky for us VegHedz today since we’re headed out for a quick grip at Dos Locos Tacos!

Dos Locos Tacos is a fugggggggin griiiiiiiiip.



It’d be against the principals of the Quick Gripz section to blab on about too much here, so suffice it to say that the tacos are perfect, and stray away from the tex-mex schtuff that’s mostly available around here.

By that, I mean doubled up soft corn tortillas instead of flour, fresh ingredients, and though cheese is available, it’s not just automatically slopped over everything.

There are plenty of carnivorous thangs available, but fer us Veghedz there are clearly pointed out vegan options which include black bean based and the wildly delicious soy-chorizo based tacos and burritos.

Their guac is super smooth and on point, the salsa is mild and refreshing, and the chips are fresh fried to order.

They do horchata, they do sugar cane coka cola, they do yerba mate iced tea…

This place is the shyt.

So go on, treat yrself, you wild ‘ol ding-bat.

Lots of luv,



PS. This place is open LATE NIGHT (4am) on the weekends, so if yr out danglin’ late and need to smash, go get it.


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