Hello. We are VegHedz.

When we say “veghedz,” what we mean is that our heads are made of vegetables. It’s as simple as that. But it’s not just our heads. The veg-ness extends further than that. Our bodies are made out of vegetables too. This is because you are what you eat. And we eat vegetables.

This website is for fellow VegHedz and other semi VegHedz that are looking to pack some more veg into their hedz. We’re here to document all of the plant-based goodies that there are here in the Detroit area from restaurants to clothes to cafes to candles to tattoos and to drinks, and so on.

We don’t write reviews. We’re not critics. We don’t give thumbs up or thumbs down. We don’t have a comments section. We’re just here to share some information with y’all. When yr a VegHed, the rest of that junk is superfluous. Ok, that wraps it up. Les veg out.

Lots of love n’ stuff,


P.S.  If there’s anything that you think we should check out, or any info that we’ve missed plz feel free to write us at DetroitVegHedz@gmail.com so we can right these awful wrongs.

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